Clean, Lube, and Align

When people play an instrument after I've cleaned it, they always remark that it's much more responsive, and plays with a lot less effort.


Cleaning the inside of the instrument allows the sound waves to vibrate with much more efficiency. Along with making your instrument last longer and retain its value, professional cleaning makes the instrument play with less effort - and you sound better!

Full Service Cleaning Includes:

Additional work at shop rate of $80/hour (plus parts if required):

Replacement valve guides and valve springs are not included and will be replaced as needed for an extra cost.

The table below shows price ranges for full-service cleaning. Please go to the price list page for a more detailed list.

INSTRUMENT Full Service Cleaning
Trumpet / Cornet (including Piccolo) $90 ($110 for Silver)
Standard Trombone Slide $80
Professional Trombone Slide $120 - $200
Trombone Bell (w/F attachment) $80
Bass Trombone Bell (w/2 valves) $95
French Horn (single) $110
French Horn (double) $130 ($185 for unlacquered)
Baritone/Alto Horn (3 piston) $110 ($150 for Silver)
Baritone/Euphonium Horn (4 piston) $110 ($160 for Silver)
Compensating Euphonium $120 ($170 for Silver)
Tuba (3 or 4 piston) $110 - $120 ($170 - $240 for Silver)
Compensating Tuba $120 ($240 for Silver)
Tuba (4, 5, or 6 rotor) $160 - $195 ($240 - $260 for Silver)
Tuba (4 piston / 1 rotor) $185 ($260 for Silver)
Sousaphone $120 ($190 for Silver)

Please go to the price list page for a more detailed list.


Cleaning Before and After


I have trusted the craftsmanship of Dana Hofer for years. He does first rate trombone work including slides and is equally adept working on my valve instruments. His work is elegant and dependable. Dana also takes excellent care of my Northwestern University students' many needs.

Michael Mulcahy, Northwestern University, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Dana is a world class technician. From maintenance to complete overhauls, he always does a great job. As a professional musician I need my equipment in top shape and Dana always delivers whether its a small or large job.

J. S., Tinley Park, IL

For years now I have been thrilled with all of the work Dana Hofer has done for me. Everything from routine cleaning through custom work has always been done with great skill and artistry. I have had Dana do Uniball conversions on three of my rotary tubas (soon to be a fourth!), and I am so impressed with his design, execution, and attention to detail. They always function smoothly and perfectly, and look amazing. I'm always so impressed with his work and appreciate his speed and accommodation for emergency situations. I cannot recommend Dana highly enough!

Matthew Gaunt

I have known Dana for more than 20 years. I recently had both of my tubas converted to the Uniball linkage system. The valves are quieter, and the response from my horns has improved dramatically. With Dana's great work, I believe the upgrades have given me the new-horn feel I want, without purchasing a new horn. Thanks Dana!

Paul Loucas

Dana Hofer has 20+ year experience repairing and cleaning brass instruments. Every time I take my horn to him it looks so beautiful I don't want to touch it and leave finger prints! He takes great pride in his work, which is obvious when you see your horn.

Melissa T., Edgewater, Chicago, IL

Dana did fantastic work removing some Joykeys I had installed on my Schmid horn, replacing the old water keys, and putting the Joykeys in optimal spots. I will definitely be taking my brass repair work back to Dana. Thanks man!

Kurtis H., San Diego, CA

Does amazing work. I took him my King 2166 last minute, same day, and he made it work within my time limit. I really appreciate that. I will definitely do business again here!!! Great prices too!!!

David M., Chicago, IL

I have been playing French Horn for 41 years as a community player in a number of ensembles. I also participate in the annual Barry Tuckwell Institute in Colorado. I have a number of horns, admittedly too many but that is part of the fun. Dana is without a doubt a skilled brass tech. Other than knowing exactly what needs to be done to solve a problem or to enhance an instrument, Dana goes the extra mile and then some to fix my horns. I have seen him time and time again work weekends and also on last minute emergencies. He serves the student well and will pick a you up at the nearby El or Metra station.

Recently I had a very crazy request to convert an old single Bb YAMAHA 321 that involved a number of steps. He did a great job in turning an OK horn into a great one!

I honestly cannot say enough about how great this Dana is.

David B., Naperville, IL

When I first moved to Chicago, I needed some work done on my tubas. Upon reading reviews on TubeNet, it was clear I needed to see Dana. His attention to detail, 20+ years of experience, and high level of musicianship give him a unique ability to assess and resolve any issues with brass instruments. I have been nothing short of amazed each time I see his work. For me, there is no other repair technician to see.

Joshua W., Chicago, IL

I had a Vintage Bach Strad trumpet that needed work and a good cleaning. I found Dana Hofer through google but was completely unfamiliar with the repair process and had no idea where to turn. I took the trumpet to Dana and hoped for the best. I can say without hesitation that he exceeded all my expectations. His work cleaning, repairing and addressing the various dents was excellent. Not only did he do an amazing job but he also held the trumpet for me on consignment and it sold quite quickly for an excellent price. In addition to his expertise, he is relied on by many area musicians and music teachers (including many from New Trier) so his network is excellent and provided me a great market to sell the instrument. I highly recommend Dana and was so pleased with his professionalism!!!

Elizabeth M., Winnetka, IL

Dana has worked on my horns for over ten years. Top quality work, dependable, honest, and reasonable prices. This is the only repair shop for me.

Robert M., Huntley, IL

I've used Dana to service and repair my Lewis French horn many times and he consistently does top-quality work for a very reasonable price. Quick turn-around too.

Lisa T., Evanston, IL

About Dana

Dana began his career as a brass repair technician in 1991 as an apprentice with Wayne Tanabe at the Brass Bow in Chicago. After 20 years of full-time employment as a brass repair technician in the Chicagoland area, Dana opened his own successful repair shop serving professionals, amateurs, educators and students.

Dana has presented clinics demonstrating brass repair at three national conventions and many regional NAPBIRT events.

He also had an active career as a freelance tubist in the Chicago area. He was the tubist for the brass quintet of the Air Force Band of the Midwest, and the Cathedral Brass Quintet.

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